Metal stamping parts production and general metal / plastic parts assembly works.

82 sets of Metal Stamping Presses ranging from 0.5 tons to 250 tons. 

Fully equipped stamping tools workshop to support in-house tooling production /maintenance and fixtures building

Metal Stamping floor

Tooling Production

CNC Machining Centres

Auto-lathe production

EDM Machining


Wire-cutting machine

Die-casting products machining

Die-casting products - polishing

2 complete paint powder coating lines for metal parts coating and full spray painting / silk-screening facilities.

Spray Painting production

Powder coating lines & production

Silk-screening stations

Plastic injection parts production, electronic and general plastic parts assembly works.

60 sets of Plastic injection machines from 90 tons to 500 tons clamping force and full facility in making all kind of high quality plastic toolings.

Plastic injection

Plastic injection machine with Robotic arm

Vaccum Forming machine

Laser Cutting machine

Spot-Welding floor

Assembly lines in-house complying to RoHS Directives requirement.

Production Floor - plastic / metal products

Production Floor - electronic products